Track Record

You will find we have a long track record of helping patients.

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Real People

When you are online how do you know who you are dealing with?

This is us: real people, real faces, real places. Just ordinary real.

Run by doctors

FixHepC was established Dr James Freeman and his father Dr John Freeman.

Premium quality generics

FixHepC helps patients source licensed generic medications from proven manufacturers.

Proven Results

FixHepC's results have been presented internationally at EASL 2017, EASL 2016, AASLD 2016 and CROI 2016.

If you are a patient EASL, AASLD and CRIO may not mean much but...

EASL and AASLD are the two biggest liver meetings in the world and...

CROI is the biggest Conference on Retroviruses (HIV) and Opportunisic Infections.

Delivery Guarantee

FixHepC offers a money back delivery guarantee.

We deliver or you get a 100% refund.


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